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Time has come where we all need to wake up and look around us to find out better ways of acting towards both nature and each other. Overconsumption in every thinkable way has lead us to a place in Earth's history where we take too much, and give almost nothing back.

As I have been in many different situations in my life which have called for keeping my emotional balance, sense, and positive outlook, I love to assist people on their way to success in those areas too. Very often, I end up being the psychologist/healer of the evening at parties, meetings, etc. where people seem to be very open to me about their life situations. It has been like this ever since my childhood and I consider it a privilege.

I do not believe in religions, systems, rules, and everything that we all created ourselves to tie our minds and emotions to the things and situations in life which do not serve us, but only lead us to further hurt and pain. Which life do you WISH for? Where did you leave your heart on the path of becoming a so-called modern, sensible grown-up? When are you ready to return to your true SELF? What do you dream of?

Movie 'Tribal Elders Speak Out, Star People' - 2016
Lecture on 'The Zunis & the Star People' - 2018 / Interview with Zuni Elder - 2019

Neither do I believe in diagnosises and illnesses - we are all a product of every experience that we have had in our life. Everything is stored within our mind and physical body, and sometimes traumas, sad memories, and injustice toward our personality prevent us from living a joyful, happy, peaceful life. It is all about exchanging energies:

How a Loved One’s Death Can Influence You Physically / Qi Gong Routine / Qi Gong Breathing: 7 Minutes to calm body and mind

I seek advice in the afterlife, where I have my private helpers who mostly consist of family members who crossed over some years ago. In some cases, masters and archangels also appear - sometimes, I see names of plants, herbs, stones, and crystals while healing a person - in those cases, I will mention exactly what I see and/or hear, and also how to make use of this kind of important, precious information. If you feel a little bit clueless, here is some initial inspiration for your way of understanding how the energies of the Universe work:

Movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know' - 2004
Lecture 'The Cosmological Constant and the Schwarzschild Proton - The Energy of the Future' - 2013
Documentary 'The Advanced Technology Of Atlantis' - 2018
Lecture 'Alien Technology' - 2018
Tuning the Pineal - The Divine Signal Transducer - 2019

Ever since my youth I have been doing massages, and I find my inspiration in the yumeiho and craniosacral therapies which I use in more spiritual forms than people might know of. All with loving respect for body, mind and soul.

I believe that all parts - whether being of physical, mental, ethereal, astral, and yet unknown nature - are linked together and that we through a healthy, light, more water filled diet will be able to gain insights of new knowledge and enlightenment about what is really going on in our electric universe. It begins with diving into our own body, listening to and learning about what is happening inside of us. In particular our physical state and our emotions can tell us what needs profound change in our life. If you would like to go deeper into yourself to reach new levels of discovery, I can highly recommend to have a closer look at the following links:

MMS / What is Miracle Mineral Supplement? / How to Cleanse Your Body / Water and the Electric Body / Wisdom and Song of Water / or go to my YouTube Channel for further information.


Tarot WEEKLY HEALING COLOUR CARD PODCASTS/ February 22nd-28th, 2021 Tarot

The cards below are pulled on February 21st 2021. So, if this particular date/time holds any personal meaning to you, please add it to the messages coming through in this reading as well - this also goes for the numbers and colours on the cards which might hold personal meanings to you.

Tarot Tarot
Blue 37 "Activate Your Healing Power".
Purple 39 "Develop Mental Clarity".

Tarot Tarot

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- to come into the flow of wise communication and mental strength, please tune into this sublime piece of music 😉 🎶🎶 Prince - Purple Rain 🎶🎶

Love to all !
Decks used: The Secret Language of Color Cards by Inna Segal; Angel Power Wisdom Cards by Gaye Guthrie/ Hiroyuki Satou

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